Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snow-PACked Weekend :)

Mine was definitely a PACked weekend!! :) This weekend was PAC (Practical Application Component) weekend here at Weimar. I chose to help with a cooking fundraiser. We cooked for a day and a half, and then we sold the food outside the cafeteria. All proceeds go towards the Brazil mission trip I am planning to go on in May. 

At first, I really wasn't sure why I had signed up for that other than it was a fundraiser. Cooking really is not my favorite thing in the world; however, I did have lots of fun. We made pretzel bites, apple turnovers/pies, and some Asian food. 

All of us cooking together!! :) 

We eventually filled these cucumbers with an asian noodle dish

Wrapping egg rolls

The making of pies....The face one was my idea. I had fun with it! 

A finished product. They all sold out. 

The fundraiser table

Today I decided to take some time off school (I worked ahead so I could) and go with daddy up to Boreal ski resort and doing some skiing. It was a blast!!!! I have been wanting to go for some time, and figured that if I was ever able to go, it had to be soon. It is getting pretty warm up there.

Just getting ready to do our first run


The view from the top was absolutely stunning--even this picture can't really show that

I came back tired and sore, but feel refreshed to start a new week of school! All in all, it was a blessed weekend!