Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An Island Experience :)

Wow!  What a fun last three days!  Here are some pictures of our trip to Cébaco--we started by leaving at 12:45 Sunday morning.  We drove a couple of hours to the nearest town, and there we got on a bus with other Adventists from the surrounding area churches.  Then, we drove about 6 hours to the coast.

In the bus at 2am

Just arrived!--Unloading the bus, and getting ready to load the lancha (boat)

A view from the lancha

After we arrived, we loaded all of our backpacks, food, and tents onto the boat.  It took about 3 boat loads to get everyone and all of our stuff over there.  Here's a video I took of part of the boat ride:

Cébaco Island!

A grass hut

Relaxing on the hammock :)

It was so beautiful!  It was definitely tropical--there were lots of tropical plants, and it was very hot.  And, the ocean water was so warm!!  After we got there and unloaded our things, Sandra, Danielle, and I took a short walk on the beach.  We found so many beautiful shells--and big ones too!  There were also lots of wildlife--pelicans, scorpions, crabs, turtles, butterflies of many colors, and fireflies.  It was my first time seeing fireflies, so that was pretty neat!

After we set up camp, we ate a quick lunch, and then headed off to the beach.  The water was so warm!  We went swimming--it was my first time swimming in the ocean.  There were no big waves, but just small ones, and some rolling waves as the tide came in.   It was so much fun!

The island kids we went swimming with Sunday evening.

Monday morning worship

Monday morning after worship, we ate breakfast and then headed to the Adventist church (still being built--some of the guys who came on the trip were actually helping to finish it).  There were health lectures from 9-1pm, and also a kids meeting.   Quite a few locals came--the church was full. 


The first baptized Adventist on Cébaco Island

A cute little baby I got to hold just before I went to the kids' meetings.

The kid's meetings were held in this public school right by the church.

For the kids, we started by teaching them a few songs.

They also played a little game.  Then they had a Bible story.

After the meeting was done for the day, those who went to the adult meetings got a bag of fresh vegetables and some canned goods--things they can't easily get on the island.  Each of the kids got presents--toys. 

After the meetings were done, we had the afternoon free.

Fresh coconut!

A group of us hopped on another boat that took us to a sandy beach where we played volleyball and enjoyed the warm water.

We got pretty wet on the ride over!

Tuesday morning we loaded all of our things back onto a boat and headed back home!  I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to go to the island!--an experience I will never forget!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year--can't believe that another year has gone by!  As tomorrow rolls around, don't forget to remember and thank God for everything He has done for you this past year.  We have much to be grateful for!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Trip to Cébaco

Our Christmas was quiet and relaxing--very nice.   We could never find something creative to do, so we just contented ourselves with reading, crocheting, and trying to train their dog.  That was a job in of itself!  We wore out the dog, and I think, probably ourselves too.  It was hot outside!

Across a fence a little ways from the house there are cows--with calves!  So cute!  I took some pictures of them, and a video of one happy calf running around.

I love the big ears!

And here's the link for the video: 

You must be wondering what this trip to Cébaco is all about.  Well, we have the opportunity to go to an island off the coast.  There are going to be health lectures on Monday, and about 100 families (no Adventists) live on the Island, and they are expecting about 95% of them to come!  We will be helping with the kids' section.  We are leaving this evening, because we have to get on a bus at 2am and travel 6 hrs or so to be able to get there by 8 when there is high tide.   We will take a 30 min boat ride to the island.  Sunday will be our day to tour around the island and go to the beach.   I am really looking forward to it!

Please pray for the meetings on Monday, that God will work through us to reach these people!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone from Panama!

You are probably wondering what I am going to do today.   Well, to say the least, I don't know!  What do you do in a tropical country, 80 degrees and humid, on Christmas day? There are even no fir trees where we are here, so it would be impossible to decorate one (there are lots of banana trees--how would that look??  :)).  Sandra, Danielle, and I are trying to think of something unique to do today--but we haven't quite figured out what that would be. ;)  Keep posted!

We did do lots of cooking yesterday though for lunch today.  I made some French onion bread, and then last night we all made ravioli--this time it worked out perfectly!

Sandra and Danielle filling and forming the ravioli

Ravioli ready to be boiled

Boiling the ravioli

On this Christmas, let us not forget the true purpose.  Not only should we remember God's love for us in sending Christ, but let us also think of others today.  Try to find someone today that you can a blessing and encouragement to.  I'm sure your Christmas will prove to be even a greater blessing!  

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Today was a blessed Sabbath!

This morning we went to church.  I went to the kids' Sabbath school--it was fun.  I got to help with the activity. Sandra, Danielle, and I had to do special music, and Sandra did the sermon.   Here are some pictures of their church and some of the kids there. :)


Cousins :)


This afternoon Sandra and I went out visiting some people that they know.  The first house we went to there live a family with four girls. There house was simply boards nailed together, with a cement floor.  We talked for awhile, and then they started showing us some pictures.   Then Sandra said "uh oh."  I looked at her to see why she would say that.  Just then the phone rang.  It was Mr. Acosta, he said that it was raining.   Well, that's why Sandra said that--she could hear it coming.  She made me stop and listen, and sure enough, it sounded like a freeway, except that it was coming closer and closer.  

I stepped outside, and a little ways away, I could see the rain pouring down.  It kept coming closer and closer, until it finally hit the area we were in.  That was really interesting--I have never seen anything like that before.   The four girls were really excited about the rain, and in short time got soaking wet.  I took a video of them playing in the rain. :)

Here's the video link:

Hope you all had a blessed Sabbath! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Busy Days

The last few days have been quite busy.  On Monday, Danielle and I went to Cerro Punto with Mrs. Acosta to get vegetables.   It is so beautiful up there!   It is higher up in the mountains, so it can get quite cold.  When we went it was foggy and drizzling slightly.

Cerro Punto

People plant vegetables on the mountainside

Cerro Punto in the background

Me and Danielle!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was very busy cooking. :)  Sandra and I were home alone all day Tuesday, and since we had company on Wednesday, we needed to make some food.  Well, we were going to make lasagna, but then we decided to make ravioli--a recipe that my sisters and I came up with several years ago.  

Well, it all went fine until we started stacking the uncooked dough on top of each other.  We were planning to boil it all at once at the very end, and when we were ready to do so, it was all stuck to each other, and we couldn't get it apart.  We gave most of it to the dog, and saved some of the nicer ones for our lunch. We decided we wouldn't make that mistake again, and we made Asian food for Wednesday instead. 

I also learned how to make arepas and fried plantain.  It's pretty good! :)