Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Trip to Cébaco

Our Christmas was quiet and relaxing--very nice.   We could never find something creative to do, so we just contented ourselves with reading, crocheting, and trying to train their dog.  That was a job in of itself!  We wore out the dog, and I think, probably ourselves too.  It was hot outside!

Across a fence a little ways from the house there are cows--with calves!  So cute!  I took some pictures of them, and a video of one happy calf running around.

I love the big ears!

And here's the link for the video: 

You must be wondering what this trip to Cébaco is all about.  Well, we have the opportunity to go to an island off the coast.  There are going to be health lectures on Monday, and about 100 families (no Adventists) live on the Island, and they are expecting about 95% of them to come!  We will be helping with the kids' section.  We are leaving this evening, because we have to get on a bus at 2am and travel 6 hrs or so to be able to get there by 8 when there is high tide.   We will take a 30 min boat ride to the island.  Sunday will be our day to tour around the island and go to the beach.   I am really looking forward to it!

Please pray for the meetings on Monday, that God will work through us to reach these people!

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