Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Busy Days

The last few days have been quite busy.  On Monday, Danielle and I went to Cerro Punto with Mrs. Acosta to get vegetables.   It is so beautiful up there!   It is higher up in the mountains, so it can get quite cold.  When we went it was foggy and drizzling slightly.

Cerro Punto

People plant vegetables on the mountainside

Cerro Punto in the background

Me and Danielle!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was very busy cooking. :)  Sandra and I were home alone all day Tuesday, and since we had company on Wednesday, we needed to make some food.  Well, we were going to make lasagna, but then we decided to make ravioli--a recipe that my sisters and I came up with several years ago.  

Well, it all went fine until we started stacking the uncooked dough on top of each other.  We were planning to boil it all at once at the very end, and when we were ready to do so, it was all stuck to each other, and we couldn't get it apart.  We gave most of it to the dog, and saved some of the nicer ones for our lunch. We decided we wouldn't make that mistake again, and we made Asian food for Wednesday instead. 

I also learned how to make arepas and fried plantain.  It's pretty good! :)  

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