Saturday, December 20, 2014


Today was a blessed Sabbath!

This morning we went to church.  I went to the kids' Sabbath school--it was fun.  I got to help with the activity. Sandra, Danielle, and I had to do special music, and Sandra did the sermon.   Here are some pictures of their church and some of the kids there. :)


Cousins :)


This afternoon Sandra and I went out visiting some people that they know.  The first house we went to there live a family with four girls. There house was simply boards nailed together, with a cement floor.  We talked for awhile, and then they started showing us some pictures.   Then Sandra said "uh oh."  I looked at her to see why she would say that.  Just then the phone rang.  It was Mr. Acosta, he said that it was raining.   Well, that's why Sandra said that--she could hear it coming.  She made me stop and listen, and sure enough, it sounded like a freeway, except that it was coming closer and closer.  

I stepped outside, and a little ways away, I could see the rain pouring down.  It kept coming closer and closer, until it finally hit the area we were in.  That was really interesting--I have never seen anything like that before.   The four girls were really excited about the rain, and in short time got soaking wet.  I took a video of them playing in the rain. :)

Here's the video link:

Hope you all had a blessed Sabbath! :)

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