Monday, July 25, 2016

My Summer Briefing

I have thoroughly enjoyed my busy yet fun summer--work during the week, and fun during the weekends. Below I have just posted several pictures of what I have done this summer. :) 

Hiking at Donner's Pass with friends

Beautiful view of Donner's Lake from Donner's Pass.

Going to the river with friends....a great way to cool off during the hot summer days.

Visiting family was a highlight for are all of us cousins except one.

We were able to take a trip to Fountainview Academy to see my cousin Shiana graduate :) 
Just this last weekend I went on a backpacking trip--absolutely one of my favorite things to do! We ended up going to Grouse Ridge--so beautiful there!

Getting ready to hit the trail

View from the parking lot.

Let's do this! :) 

Our campsite...

Most of us hammocked....much more comfortable sleeping suspended than on the ground :) 

The lake we camped was so clear and so jumping out of the water, and in the morning the sun would sparkle on the ripples.

Despite being so dry here in CA, where we were there were so many beautiful flowers.

Sabbath we climbed up the mountain on the other side of the lake

The views at the top were amazing

We brought our hammocks up there and had church

View of Glacier Lake

Alpine flowers

A pot full of ramen! Paige was able to fit 5 packages in that small pot. :) 

Trying to roast mini marshmallows....

We went cross country most of the way back. I love going cross-country because you can see so much more. We came upon this hillside full of beautiful flowers and lots of butterflies.

Making our way to a lake (cross-country)

And we made it. We ate lunch and then headed home.
This last trip was especially my favorite. I was continually awed by how beautiful it was up there at Grouse Ridge. The clear blue lake, the beautiful flowers, the majestic mountains--continually reminded me how God has placed everything there for our enjoyment. I will never tire of spending time out in the wilderness away from the rush of life!
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