Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sabbath Blessings...

After a long week of studying, finishing up classes, and preparing to leave for Panama, it was such a blessing when Friday evening and Sabbath rolled around. 

But even greater were the blessings that I could help be a part of.  Friday evening just before Sabbath, a group of us students from the college went caroling.  We took with us wrapped Desire of Ages with invitations to our Christmas program the next night. 

It was such a blessing to sing for these people.   People were touched by the songs…some people cried, others were so appreciative that anyone would come and sing to them.

Yet even greater was the joy of seeing people that we invited to the Christmas program come! 

Now Sabbath is over, and a new week has started.  Only three more days till I leave—it is so hard to believe!   I just have a couple of finals to take, and some more packing, and then it will be time to go. :)
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