Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Blessing of Prayer

There is a special gift
That God gave to man;
Something that one’s soul can lift—
Something that lifts to the Lamb.

This special gift can strengthen,
Those journey worn souls
Whose trials seem to lengthen,
And bring them down into the hole.

This gift can be used for thankfulness,
For bountiful blessings shed,
For the Lifegiver’s faithfulness,
And for the light that has led.

This gift can be used for others,
So to share that life-giving power;
Our families—our sisters and brothers,
So Christ’s love on them may shower.

This gift is a special one,
Not to be used with disheartened care,
We must use it reverently, and not shun,
This special gift called Prayer.

Tuesday nights at the college there is a prayer meeting, where we get together and sing and pray. It is always a blessing to be able to put studies and homework aside and spend time in fellowship praying with one another.

Last night was especially a blessing for me--it seems that every song that was picked was meant for me, and spending time in prayer was so refreshing.  I was also reminded how privileged I am to be able to talk to the King of the universe--yet sometimes I get so busy with my every day activities that I don't spend enough time praying.  Prayer is really a gift to us, and I want to take every opportunity I have to be able to talk to Jesus!

I was also reminded how Jesus spent whole nights in prayer.  If prayer was that important for Christ, how much more important should it be for us?  "It was in hours of solitary prayer that Jesus in His earth-life received wisdom and power.  Let the youth follow His example in finding at dawn and twilight a quiet season for communion with their Father in heaven.  And throughout the day let them lift up their hearts to God" (CG 525.2).

I came back last night so refreshed, that I have recommitted to praying more often--even if it means laying aside an important assignment in order to spend time with Jesus.  Here is one of the songs that really blessed me last night.  Try to focus on the words--I hope it can be a blessing for you too!

Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer,
That calls me from a world of care,
And bids me, at my Father's throne,
Make all my wants and wishes known!
In seasons of distress and grief,
My soul has often found relief.
And oft escaped the tempters snare,
By thy return, sweet hour of prayer.

Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!
Thy wings shall my petition bear
To Him whose truth and faithfulness
Engage the waiting soul to bless.
And since He bids me seek His face,
Believe His word, and trust His grace,
I'll cast on Him my every care,
And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer.

Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer!
May I thy consolation share
Till from Mount Pisgah's lofty height
I view my home and take my flight.
In my immortal flesh I'll rise
To seize the everlasting prize.
And shout while passing through the air,
"Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer!"

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