Sunday, August 23, 2015

End of Summer...Beginning of School!!

The busy summer finally gave way to the beginning of the school year! I can't believe how fast summer went by!

We have a lot of new faces this semester, which is really exciting! Registration day was busy. Our day started with orientation, and registering for classes, which for me, it took pretty much all day. This year, I am taking Anatomy & Physiology, Business Finance, and SDA Church History. They are heavy classes, but so far, I am enjoying them!

Registration night, there was a game night so we could all get to know each other.  We played fun icebreaker games, such as hide the thimble and electricity. :)

Sabbath, a small group of us went to visit one of our outreach contacts in the hospital. We were able to sing to her, and she was so happy that we came! In fact, we soon realized that other patients were also coming down the hall or listening from their room to our singing! It was so exciting. We ended up going to 3 other rooms to sing and pray with people. It was such a blessing! We decided that we want to do that more often. :)

This post is short, but there are more to come (watch for one after this coming weekend)! And next time I'll post pictures, but now, I'm back to studying! :)
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