Tuesday, January 13, 2015

School Blessings

School has gotten off to a good start for me, for which I am really thankful.  This semester, along with the General courses that I am taking, I am also taking an Intro to Teaching class.  This is to help me determine whether I want to do teaching as a career or not.  Like my teacher said, for this class, I'll either really come to love teaching, or I'll get really sick of teaching.  ;) For the class, we have to do a lot of observing in classrooms, as well as do some teaching.  I'm continuing to pray that God will show me which direction to go.

But, as of now, I am really enjoying that class.  We have to read through Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students.   I started reading it this afternoon--the first two paragraphs were so powerful!  This was a blessing to me, and I want to apply this to my life.  I hope it will be a blessing to anyone who reads this.

"Higher education is an experimental knowledge of the plan of salvation, and this knowledge is secured by earnest and diligent study of the Scriptures.  Such an education will renew the mind and transform the character, restoring the image of God in the soul.  It will fortify the mind against the deceptive whisperings of the adversary, and enable us to understand the voice of God.  It will teach the learner to become a co-worker with Jesus Christ, to dispel the moral darkness about him, and bring light and knowledge to men.  It is the simplicity of true godliness--our passport from the preparatory school of earth to the higher school above....To gain the higher education means to follow this word implicitly; it means to walk in the footsteps of Christ, to practice His virtues.  It means to give up selfishness and to devote the life to the service of God.  Higher education calls for something greater, something more divine, than the knowledge to be obtained merely from books.  It means a personal, experimental knowledge of Christ; it means emancipation from ideas, from habits and practices, that have been gained in the school of the prince of darkness, and which are opposed to loyalty to God.  It means to overcome stubbornness, pride, selfishness, worldly ambition, and unbelief.  It is the message of the deliverance from sin."  CT 11, 12

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