Thursday, December 17, 2015

Grad, Games, and more...

As soon as the last exam had been taken, you would have been able to hear shouts of joy on the campus last week. When I finished my last exam, wow! I felt so light! No more tests to study for! This semester literally just flew by, and I'm glad for the break.

After graduation, the campus almost became a ghost town--had it not been for the few students left behind.  We have been able to do some fun things this week, though, with those who are still here. One night we had a Christmas party, another night we played a game of monopoly (it was a long game!), and this last Tuesday, we had a ping pong game. Most of the people we invited had other plans, so just Elias and Tim ended up coming. But we still had a blast! Then yesterday, a group of us went ice skating! It was a lot of fun, despite the falls. :)

For the rest of Christmas break, we are off and away visiting family, friends, and going to GYC. More to come later! :)

Christmas party--the entrance to the room where the party was

The wonderful food that Stacey and a friend made!

Vegetable Christmas tree!

Game of ping pong

Ice skating! ;)

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