Monday, March 7, 2016

No Higher Work

"There is no higher work than evangelistic canvassing..." 
CM 12.2

I think I may have mentioned once before, but the college is going to the Amazon in May for a mission trip. We will be traveling up the Amazon River by boat, sleep in hammocks, and minister to the people up the river. We will be helping with medical and dental work, construction, and will also be able to work with the children and give lectures to the villagers in the evenings. I am really looking forward to this trip!

Last week I had the opportunity to do some fundraising for this trip through canvassing door to door. It was such a blessing! We met many people who were receptive to what we had to share with them about our mission trip, while at the same time we were able to get out the book we were offering. We were only offering one book, a cookbook called "From Plant to Plate." Yet, many people that I met were very receptive. 

We met one family who were Christian, and we were able to pray with them. We also met Jehovah's Witnesses, and had some discussions about the Bible. It wasn't just getting out the cookbook and getting funds to be able to go on this trip--it's reaching out to people and sharing Christ's love with them. 

Even though I came back tired each night from being out all day walking the streets, I came back so rejuvenated! Not that I would want to go run a marathon or something; but, there is something about doing the Lord's work that just rejuvenates and blesses. I am so thankful I decided to use my spring break to canvass! I hope I can do it soon again!
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