Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grand Canyon & San Antonio!

These past couple of days have been super busy, yet so much fun! Sunday morning, we headed off to the Grand Canyon. It was so amazing!  I've seen many pictures of it, but until I saw it in person, I didn't realize how big it really was! It was stunning, and the weather was absolutely wonderful as well.

Sunday afternoon, we headed out back to Thunderbird Academy. After a short night, we left at 4am for San Antonio. We arrived to hot and humid San Antonio at 9:45pm. I will give just a little intro into what we are doing in San Antonio before I go into what we did today. :)

We are here with Pathways to Health to put on a free "mobile" hospital for those in San Antonio.  The city gave us the Alamo dome completely for free, which was a miracle in of itself. In this clinic, there will be everything from primary care, eye care, dental care, pediatrics, to even surgeries.  There are about 1700 volunteers here available to help, and we are expecting about 8000 people to come through in the next three days.  Weimar college is specifically here to help with the lifestyle coaching station.

So, today, we set off early to the Alamo dome to help with the set up. :)  

The Alamo dome

Inside...the first side.

...And the second side. It is huge!

Sorting through donated medical supplies

Weimar lifestyle coaching will be done here, following the NEWSTART acronym.


This just gives a glimpse of what was going on today, and tomorrow, we start seeing people!  It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of God's work in helping people!  I pray that tomorrow people will be able to see Jesus in me! 
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