Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sabbath in Arizona--PAC Time

April 3 marked the start of Weimar College's PAC time (Practical Application Component). This time, instead of doing projects around the campus, a group of us headed off to San Antonio, TX to help with Pathways to Health Clinic.  The college will be helping with lifestyle coaching, and we hope to see around 6000-8000 people.

So, yesterday we left Weimar at 4am and headed to Thunderbolt Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is so beautiful and warm here!

Sabbath School

Pastor Don spoke on Christ's resurrection 

In the afternoon, a group went on a hike, but several of us stayed here and rested on the lawn outside. After our long nap, we decided to take pictures, and we continued it as the rest of the girls got back from the hike and they were able to join us. :)  Thanks to Ron, the pictures turned out great!

Sandra & Danielle

Kel & me

Danielle, Kelly, & Michelle

Can you see us in the tree?!

Can you see the flower?

And the star?

Sisters! :)

Me, Sandra, Jessica, Danielle, Michelle, Kelly, & Stacey

Michelle! ;)

Michelle & Danielle

It was a very relaxing, blessed Sabbath! Tomorrow, we will be heading to the Grand Canyon, so I will be posting some more pictures. :) It will be my first time there!

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