Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun with Family

We have had a great few days--in the northwest! It has been nice weather up here (although after living in hot weather for awhile, it is a little chilly to me).

We went up to Mt. Vernon/Sedro Woolley area to visit my grandma and cousins.

We went out to eat with Grammy

A black squirrel at my cousins' house--the first any of us had seen of that kind in the northwest.

We also took a walk to the river, and had fun wading. It has been a dry year up here, so the river is more like a big creek.

A natural spring

Beautiful, green northwest!

Kelly and Hannah (our cousin) also had their high school graduation. 

Stacey and Sarah setting up for the graduation meal

The graduates!

Officially graduated!

We asked Grammy to make a list of what she needed done around her house, and this is what she came up with....:)

We did wash windows though :)

Having fun at Grammy's!


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