Sunday, June 14, 2015

Walla Walla Graduation

Just this last Thursday, we made the long trek up to Washington, our first destination being Walla Walla.  Sarah Snyder was graduating as a nurse from Walla Walla University!

Sabbath afternoon was the pinning ceremony.

And Sunday morning she officially graduated!

This was the top of her cap

Sunday afternoon was spent visiting with friends.

Aurelia playing her cello...

...and Yori playing her violin. They are both doing very well!


And some of the time, we watched the sky rain was really strange, but it was definitely clumps of grass like the one you see down below. The conclusion we came to was that perhaps there was a dust storm that picked up grass from the fields and then dropped it over us. 

An end to another exciting our trip takes us to northern Washington to visit family. 

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