Friday, June 12, 2015

Work...and Summer Fun!

School is out, and work has begun!  I am working some in the little store here on campus. I am enjoying it so much--learning to run the register, stocking shelves, and much more!

But, despite the longs days of work, there have been many times of fun!  A group of us are preparing to run a half marathon in October in Tahoe, so that has been so much fun! We train together almost every other night. I'll have to get a picture of the group and post it sometime. :)

Another night we went to the nice. It has been getting very hot!--in the 90s.

And just this last week, we had a surprise birthday party for Rahel. She loves rainbow colors, so Renae (her sister) planned an amazing party!

Colored bubbles

A rainbow cake


All the food was colored...maybe not the healthiest, but it was so cool!

Rice balls

And paints...:)

She absolutely loved the party!! And it was very enjoyable for everyone else as well :)

More exciting news is that we found a house that we are in the process of buying!! I really like the house!

Just to end, here's a quote that I read recently that I would like to share as a little thought for today. :)

"Those who educate their minds to dwell on the perfections of Christ will represent Him to the world...." 8MR 309.1

Let's not forget to behold Christ each and every day, so that we can rightly represent Him to the world!

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